Telshur Clinical Operating System

Empowering teams deliver better care, faster, and more efficiently.
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Built by clinicians, nurses, and industry leaders,
Telshur tackles the biggest clinical and operational challenges in post-acute and long-term care.

Transformation for shared success

Provider Groups
Advanced clinical communication
High efficiency collaboration
Reduced stress and burnout
Skilled Nursing
Streamlined workflows
Automated Compliance
Optimized outcomes



“I have found using the Telshur communication relieves a lot of wasted time allowing providers and nurses to focus on patients. This improvement in communication moves the problem solving along at a much faster pace. The nurses aren’t wasting their time and they have an answer for the patient faster – EVERYBODY is much happier. Telshur is a breakthrough for patient care.”

A.B.  - MD 

“I can’t imagine going backward after using Telshur. We have never before had this level of real time connection with our providers.  It has helped tremendously in virtually all aspects of care, especially when taking care of our sicker patients. "

T. E. - LPN 
Social Services

“Telshur has brought full circle communication to our team. It has given the Social Services department a way to have important information timely and efficiently in one location. It has helped us communicate our patient’s psychosocial needs as we strive to be a leader in safe discharges.”

Care Management

“I've noticed a vast improvement in multidisciplinary communication. I personally like that I can scroll back to when a patient is first admitted and see a running commentary on the resident's time here and any complications that happened during their stay. Response times are faster, and our nurses are continually honing their SBAR and critical thinking skills. The ability to triage issues helps me make sure urgent issues are managed first. And of course, I think it helps everyone feel like they are a part of a team and we are all working towards the same goals for the residents.”

T.B - RN