Telshur was developed on a simple yet powerful equation:

Informed, unstressed providers lead to better patient outcomes.

Delivering critical information at the point of care

Clinical communication

Clinical communication is often incomplete.
Telshur's condition-specific digital SBARs (Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation) enable nurses to quickly provide comprehensive and accurate information.
Providers get the information needed to make decisions quickly and confidently

Care continuity

Fragmented communication leads to redundant testing, excessive resource utilization and wasted time.
Telshur captures, organizes, and stores the full medical care process, enabling all team members to seamlessly incorporate prior information into current decision-making.
Providers can respond faster and make better decisions

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Passing on patient issues to the next set of providers can be time-consuming.
A built-in task management system enables team members to easily view outstanding issues, their current status, and whether they have been completed.
Oncoming providers are  able to easily take on current patient issues
Helping providers organize and manage tasks.

Single source communication

Text, fax, phone, and "by-the-way" communications result in delays and lost information.
Telshur's structured single-source communication system streamlines the workflow, consolidating all patient care issues into a unified space.
Less stress, better patient care


Providers require a means to effectively prioritize communications.
Telshur’s communication management system enables providers to easily organize, prioritize and track communications.
Important issues can be managed first

Order management

Written, phone, verbal and text orders are difficult to manage and lead to delays and errors.
All orders are immediately visible to the entire clinical team. They can be easily viewed, searched and tracked to completion.
Orders are executed faster and not dropped or miscommunicated

Lab and radiology tracking

Unlike the hospital where everything happens under one roof, the process is complex and prone to errors.
Any lab or imaging order automatically generates a follow-up task that is visible to the patient team. With a single click, all incomplete tasks can be easily viewed, followed, and tracked.
Providers always get lab and radiology results

Reaching the right nurse

The constant change in staff makes it challenging and time-consuming to identify the nurse currently on shift.
Telshur automatically connects providers with the current nurse and onsite team taking care of the patient.
Providers can easily connect to the bedside