Our Mission

Betterment of patient lives by empowering those who serve them


Sanjiv Panwala MD “Ben”
30 years on the front lines of clinical innovation
Real change happens when needs overpower inertia. In health care we are at that inflection point. A cumulation of social, population and financial drivers are forcing us to rethink not only how we can deliver better care, but also how we can do it within the constraints of our available resources. Our mission is to help architect this change, expanding what our teams can accomplish by unlocking the potential of the human-technology interface at the point of care.
Sebastian Castillo-Builles “Sebas”
25 years shaping culture through technology
The biggest value of technology lies in its ability to positively shape a culture; transforming the way people interact by changing both expectations and realities. As part of the Telshur innovation team we have the honor of igniting the cultural evolution of care, multiplying and humanizing the value delivered by each provider.